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Studio Monströös, Berlin

Hand painted animation for a short film directed by Xenia Smirnov at Studio Monströös in Berlin. 

The piece is a 'slice of life' study which playfully explores the director's fond memories of the tower block where her grandmother lived.

"The short film Balkone is about a prefabricated building or rather about its balconies. At first glance the balconies all seem to be the same, but if you look closely, each window, each balcony lives its own life and reflects the character of its owner." - Studio Monströös 

Xenia Smirnov

Miranda Peyton Jones 

Studio Monströös            

- Director

- Assistnat Animator

- Music & additional help 

Clip from short film, 'Balkone' 

Release date to be announced    

Behind the Scenes

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