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Photo of woman in an animation studio

Hi, I'm Miranda, a proud graduate of Kingston University in London, specialising in Illustration Animation. I grew up in Southeast London and raised by my talented composer Father and audio producer Mother.

My work is characterised by a playful, sensitive approach where the interplay of narrative and method/material takes centre stage. As a storyteller, I often delve into the realm of stop motion, with a keen focus on sound design. 

I have recently returned from working as an animation assistant at Studio Monströös in Berlin. It was an incredible opportunity for me to collaborate with director Xenia Smirnov on her upcoming short film, 'Balkone,' a mesmerising piece of hand-painted animation. This experience has not only honed my frame-by-frame animation skills but also provided valuable insights into the production pipeline and client collaboration.
One of my proudest achievements is my graduate film, 'Jeremy, my Father.' My film has received international acclaim, with nominations from 17 film festivals, including the British Animation Awards, and also winning 6 awards, such as: 

- Best of Show at Anima8 Film Festival
- Best Factual Film at The Royal Television Society
- Best Student Animation at the Learning on Screen Awards
- Best Student Film at ARFF Berlin International Awards
- Best Documentary at Vesuvius International Film Festival
- Best Short Documentary at Madrid Indie Film Festival

 I am excited to continue exploring creative practice, pushing boundaries, and creating meaningful experiences through animation and storytelling.

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