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Miranda Peyton Jones is an Illustration Animation graduate from Kingston University, London. She grew up in Southeast London, raised by her composer Father and audio producer Mother.


She is currently working as an animation assistant/intern at Studio Monströös, Berlin. She was brought on to work with director Xenia Smirnov on her upcoming short film, ‘Balkone,’ a stunning piece of hand painted animation. Her time there refined her frame-by-frame animation skills as well provided her with experience in the production pipeline and working with clients. 


Her work is characterised by its playfulness, sensitivity and expressive editing. As a storyteller, her work predominantly features 3D stop motion with particular attention paid to sound design.


Miranda studied a Foundation Diploma at Camberwell College of Arts before attending Kingston University. She has worked on a range of projects: from animated book trailers commissioned by Penguin, to community mural painting in Barcelona. 


Her graduate film, ‘Jeremy, my Father,’ nominated by 14 international film festivals & been awarded: Best of Show by Anima8 Film Festival, Best Factual Film by The Royal Television Society, Best Student Animation by Learning on Screen Awards, Best Student Film by ARFF Berlin International Awards, Best Documentary by Vesuvius International Film Festival, and Best Short Documentary by Madrid Indie Film Festival.

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